Version Released!

From humble beginnings – version is released and is available for download from the downloads page. Future versions should be coming at least one per day from here on. Version allows you to add black dots to a OpenStreetMap base map, where the latitude and longitude come from the Power BI data model. Over at,  users can sign up, create 30 day trial licenses (or $20/map designer/month paid licenses too). I limit a license to two IP addresses, which should be more than enough for map designers to have a work IP and a home IP supported.

PowerBILayeredMap is actually a very complex and functional mapping tool, but it was originally implemented in OpenLayers and it proved too slow to handle more than a few thousand data points before chrome/edge would run out of memory. OpenLayers is an amazing toolset and we really wish they took gl graphics more seriously to stay on par with other tools, but for now we are re-implementing in mapbox-gl-js.